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Please use this form after you have thoroughly read through our website, and are ready to book your initial appointment with one of our tutors. This should only be used if this is your first time filling out a form on our website.

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Please use this feature if you area already a client, (that has filled out the necessary forms – Book an appointment & tutoring agreement at minimum) and would like to put in a request for a tutoring session. 

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We are looking to bring on new tutors for the school year. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who can help students learn how to properly do their work while developing successful techniques to remember, retain, and practice the information they learn in school. Does this sound like you? Great, then please come and join our team today!

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If you have already filled out the standard book an appointment form, AND spoken with someone from WSBS Tutoring, and have been instructed to fill out a tutoring agreement, please do so now by clicking the button below. (Only do this once you have been asked.)

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Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Then why not refer them to us! Using our form, you can tell them all the reasons why you think WSBS Tutoring is awesome, and why they should be our next customer! If you are a current client, every person you refer gets $5 off their first session, and you get $10 off every time!