We Are Mobile!

We are a mobile tutoring company, with no set location. We travel to you! Being a mobile location allows us to cater to our parents and students. We can come to you at your home, school, or a central library.


For our intial meetings, for the safety of you and our tutors, we like to meet with our parents in a public place, such as Panera Bread or Starbucks. Preferably Panera Bread, because they have great fast internet, and is not usually as crowded or loud as Starbucks. However, we can also meet in at a local library.


After the first public meeting session, we can meet you at your home. However please note, if you live far away, there might be the additional $8 base rate + $0.20 cent per mile charge for gas and tolls. For example, if you lived 22 miles away from a tutor’s home, we would charge you $8 plus .20/mile x 22 miles = $12.40 extra–in addition to your hourly rate.

You can avoid paying this fee if you meet us halfway. If you meet us halfway, as long as it is under 45 minutes for us to meet you halfway, you will not have to pay the Gas & Tolls Fee.